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Jones Tube

What is a Jones tube and why do I need one?

An obstruction of the canaliculi (the narrow horizontal passages that connect to the nasolacrimal sac) are less common. This could be the result of trauma, eye infections, previous tear duct surgeries, radiotherapy and several other eye conditions. The canaliculi are very narrow channels and opening them is frequently unsuccessful. In these cases, a Jones tube provides the best way to drain the tears from the eye to the nose.

A Jones tube is a thin tube made from glass that is used to create a new channel for draining the tears. A Jones tube corrects watering of the eye when the canaliculi (or the eyelid portion of the tear ducts) become blocked or stop working and can’t be restored. The tube bypasses the blockage to restore tear drainage.

How is a Jones tube put in?

Surgery is needed to put in a Jones tube. Surgery is done under a general anesthetic for patient comfort.  A new opening is created between the inner corner of the eye and inside of the nose and the tube is placed in the channel. The entrance to the tube is positioned to collect the tears in the corner of the eye and the end of the tube is placed to drain the tears inside the nose. Often the surgery requires a small incision on the side of the nose. A suture is placed around the end of the tube to hold the tube in place.

Is it normal to feel air come out of the tube when I blow my nose?

Yes, this is normal. It means the tube is working properly, but make sure not to blow too hard.

Jones Tube Anatomy

Jones Tube