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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lane’s training, specialization and experience in Oculoplastics/Orbital Surgery make her the only person in our community I would feel comfortable putting a need into my general eye area. I have loved the results of Dr. Lane’s expert use of Dysport on my frown lines. It’s made all the difference in the world, yet so subtle and natural that I don’t think anyone would think I do a thing to my face. For me, looking like I was frowning while being totally happy was beginning to be a drag. This treatment changed all of that. My expressions are my own, and over time, the creases in between my brows have eased- just as Dr. Lane said they would! I would, and do recommend Dr. Lane to any and all that may be asked. She is great!

Elizabeth – Charlotte, VT

Dr. Lane and her assistants are a wonderful team! I am the kind of patient who wants to know all about everything, and they totally got it. They treated me with respect, directness, and gentle humor as well as great skill and understanding. All of the scheduling, coordination, and follow up have been excellent as well.

Judy – Montpelier, VT

The treatment that was given to my wife was truly exceptional. It was a scary time for the two of us but you all were caring and responsive.

Stephen – Montpelier, VT

For two years, Dr. Lane and Katie have carefully assessed my needs and helped me feel more beautiful when I leave the office. Their friendly company is a pleasure, too.

Sheryl – Montpelier, VT

I really like Dr. Lane and feel like she’s really friendly and down-to-earth. I’ve had a good experience with the treatment so far.

Anonymous – Huntington, VT